This week, I turned thirty years-old. For some, the thirty year milestone can generate anxiety, trepidation and angst. The dreaded 3-0. Not for me. I am welcoming this decade with open arms. In truth, I have been waiting for my thirties since I was thirteen. When I met my boyfriend eight years-ago, I actually informed him that I was an investment. I may have been a bit of a mess then, but I was confident that by the time I hit thirty, I would have it all figured out. That I would be unstoppable.

While I may have overestimated just a tad, and while I most definitely do not have it all figured out, I have always known that this was going to be my time to step into my skin. This would be a time to start owning my strengths and weaknesses in a way I couldn’t in my twenties. I have begun to become keenly aware of how fear has affected my life thus far, and while I have learned from it all, I vow to forge a different relationship with fear in my thirties. I will befriend it, but won’t be governed by it. I realize now that I must step into my fear and dig around in there. In celebration of this, I am going to invite you into my life and my psyche a bit, and share the thirty things that I learned in my twenties about my body, my health, my mind and my heart. Here we go!

1. Diet’s don’t work. Incremental lifestyle changes do. As we all know, the tortoise wins the race. Slow and steady beats fast and impetuous every time.

2. Sometimes it is better to let go of friendships that are holding us back–no matter the history.

3. Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

4. Treat my body the way I want my future daughter to treat her’s. My body has feelings. The more I serve my body, the more it will serve me.

5. I am still responsible for what I say when I am “just kidding.”

6. Eat the damn cake. It’s gorgeous. Make the decision to feel as good after I eat it as while I’m eating it.

7. Perfection is incredibly boring.

8. Don’t argue over email or text. It can destroy relationships. Write the knee jerk reaction email, but only send it if it still seems like a good idea two days later (and after you have re-read it 10 times).

9. Stress is enemy #1 when it comes to our health. Learn how to deal with it effectively now, before it is too late.

10. Follow my dog’s lead and stretch first thing in the morning. Makes the rest of the day better.

11. Fear is only useful when we are in danger, which is only a fraction of the amount we use it.

12. When someone rubs me the wrong way right off the bat, there is a reason, and it probably has to do with me. Stick it out, because on more than one occasion, they have wound up being one of my most trusted and loved peeps.

13. Follow my brother’s cardinal rule. If someone asks him for help–he gives it, without judgement, and without expecting anything in return.

14. I will always have a rescue dog.

15. Remain insatiably curious about the human condition and myself. Keep asking why.

16. Saying “I’m not political” is perhaps one of the worst things a human being can say. It actually translates almost directly to “I’m ignorant, self-absorbed and unintelligent.” I say this as someone who said it for many, many years and who is still trying to catch up.

17. Wear sunscreen!!! My future self with thank me.

18. Every once in a while, it’s okay to have a bottle of wine for dinner.

19. Holding onto happiness is pointless. You must continue to create it.

20. Fish oil is miraculous.

21. The most rewarding jobs in life have little to no monetary value.

22. It’s okay to be where you’re at.

23. It’s none of my business what people think of me.

24. It’s okay to be cheesy.

25. Don’t argue after a couple glasses of wine. Just don’t do it. Never works out well.

26. Don’t save dancing just for weddings.

27. Try on ridiculous outfits at stores in which you don’t normally shop. Instant joy.

28. My grandmother, born in 1911, was spot on with all her beauty and health advice. Water, garlic and olive oil can pretty much fix anything.

29. No matter how much it sucks, become the person who can say “sorry” first.

30. Make a huge deal out of birthdays. Every one deserved to be fully appreciated one day out of the year.

I hope you enjoyed my hard-earned life lesson advice! Now, I will continue to enjoy my thirtieth birthday week.

Rock On and Be Well,


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