Soul Body Breakthrough Program
Often when we are on the cusp, we start self-sabotaging. When things are starting to expand, the fear mongering thoughts step in to try to keep us comfortable, safe, and contracted, stopping progress in its tracks.

The bigger the opportunity, the easier it is to self-sabotage, which prevents us from jumping at the pivotal moment when success is almost within our grasp, when the trapeze bar is inches away. The exact moment we are tempted to pull back tends to be the moment when we are on the verge of flying.

Does this sound familiar? Imagine if you finally had the key to overcoming your own stuckness and sabotage. Imagine if you finally understood how to break through your OWN glass ceiling. What could become possible?


Well, my friend, there is a beautiful opening for you here. There is an opportunity to do the deep inner work so you can gain the awareness to rock it with an awesome plan come January.

You CAN identify the root of the self-sabotaging behavior that keeps you stuck with regards to your big goals, your body, your relationships, your creativity. You CAN ignite more empowerment, more ease, more trust, and deeper feelings of peace and fulfillment in 2018 (and beyond).

In this 10 module, virtual group coaching program (culminating in a one day in-person event), we will focus on gaining new awareness of ourselves and why we operate the way that we do, why we crash the plane just as it is taking off (or many times before it gets to the runway).


Awareness is the greatest agent for change.


Whether you are struggling in your relationship with food, your relationship with yourself (hello inner-critic!), where you are in your life, your impact, your relationships or your finances… there is a common denominator… you. And that is not a bad thing. Rather, it is an invitation for you to do some digging into WHY you engage in sabotage and HOW to start feeling the way you want to feel.

If you are feeling in any way stuck in your life, this program is for you. Your stuck-ness is an opening for you to come back home to your heart.

So, what does the program include?

Audio lessons

These in-depth audio lessons are delivered by Beth and introduce the week’s topic.

Journaling Exercises

Journaling exercises help you process, reflect and dive deep. Beth will respond to each one with side-coaching.

Enrichment materials

Each week, Beth will provide additional “best-of” content to go deeper on the topic.

Coaching Sessions

Group coaching video calls connect all the dots. You will learn how to implement what you are learning into your real, everyday life.

In-person Workshop

This day-long intensive will bring everything together as you create your vision for the future.

The program runs Sept 28th through January 11th and is composed of 11 modules, 11 Group Zooms & An in-person Manifestation Intensive Workshop in NYC. 


Additional details:

  • Group Coaching (60 minute) Zooms will be on Thursday evening at 8 pm EST and Friday afternoons at 1:30 pm EST and you can register for the one that works best for you each week.


  • The in-person workshop intensive will be in NYC on Jan 11, 2020. Alternative date (snow or sickness) will be Jan 18. If you can’t attend the workshop, you can have a one-hour private coaching call with Beth instead.


  • The program also includes a Facebook wall, which allows you to connect with your program-mates and get coaching from Beth throughout the week.


  • All materials are delivered through Google Classroom, which keeps it all tidy in one place and ensures you have the materials to refer back to long after the program ends.


  • We’ll have holidays weeks off (including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years).

So what exactly will we be covering?

What the heck is sabotage anyway?


  • Learn what exactly sabotage is, its practical function, and how specifically it may be affecting your life and your desires and preventing you from living powerfully and authentically.
  • Open up awareness of how human beings sabotage themselves without even meaning to and how that is affecting feelings of peace, clarity, and fulfillment.
  • Deepen the relationship with your intuition and your own truth and diminish the grip of fear.
  • Learn how to take radical levels of responsibility for your own happiness.

The Incredible Gifts in Your Saboteur


  • Learn the specific secrets that your saboteur has for you about how to attain your vision.
  • Gain awareness on the origin of your self-saboteur and how they are trying to help you.
  • Start to forgive your saboteur for keeping you stuck and invite them into the conversation of how to change.
  • Open up to befriending all parts of yourself (not just the attractive, rocking-it parts).
  • Deepen your own self-acceptance, self-love, and self-trust.
  • Experience a whole new understanding of who you really are (aside from fear and ego) and how to access that part of yourself on a more regular basis.

Rising Up WITH Your Saboteur


  • Identify the core desires you have been ignoring and suppressing.
  • Partner with your saboteur in rising toward that vision.
  • Create a structured plan for how to create soul-based intentions for a year (and beyond).
  • Create a plan and/or accountability for how to move through self-sabotaging behavior and resistance when it arises.
  • Join radical levels of self-acceptance with radical levels of personal responsibility for your vision.

Read what people are saying about working with Beth…

“I came to Beth with a lot of discomfort and unresolved feelings around my childhood trauma, subsequent compulsive overeating and issues with not feeling good enough within my relationships. I have a history of working hard and succeeding in a career that left me unfulfilled and depressed. I had allowed myself to be overworked in my career and in most of my relationships. I didn’t understand that I was working with patterns of behavior that were so ingrained in me that I didn’t even recognize them. By allowing Beth to guide me through the process of discovery, I was able to identify and understand the origins of my pain. Working with Beth allowed me to connect the dots in ways that I was unable to do prior and was able to achieve what once felt unobtainable—peace of mind. Working with Beth reinforced the importance of working with the right people and I couldn’t have asked for a better, more fulfilling and professional experience. I can’t say enough positive about Beth, her beautiful spirit and her ability to be an effective Coach! Thank you for being my Guide, Beth. I’m a better me for knowing you.”

“I was seriously doubting my decision to quit a 15-year high-paying but boring career to move to a new career that really lit me up.  I found myself being really mean to myself about the choices I had made and the leaps I had taken. After doing the 10 weeks of really looking at my saboteur with Beth, I have noticed that when those voices creep in, I can more quickly recognize them for what they are and combat them more effectively with tools I learned from Beth and the other group members.  I’m proud of my ability to see those in-the-moment anxieties surrounding the new career challenges – be they financial worries or simply a fear of the unknown – and find the real root of what those fears are. That’s what makes Beth so special. She’s able to ask what your challenges are and then help you navigate your way through a deep dive into what’s underneath.  You’ll find that what’s on the surface troubling you is often a rather simple irritant underneath wreaking havoc in your life. Beth seems to have been imbued with a gift of helping you find those within yourself.”

“Before Beth, I was truly half-alive; out of touch with myself, coasting, living on the superficial surface of who I could be. After Beth, I am grounded, attentive to my inner being and listening constantly to my body. I am reading, exploring, discovering, and I am able to cultivate my dreams into practice. I will forever be a work in progress, but Beth’s coaching is the reason I’ve found my deeper, most gracious and beautiful self. Her skills prove to be unmatched and I could not have achieved this level of self-awareness, pride and trust in who Maycee is, without her. “Thank you” will never amount to the gratitude I have for my experience with Beth.” 

“Working with Beth is the best gift I have ever given myself. With Beth’s guidance, I learned to turn up the volume on a deeper voice within me.  It’s directly led me to finding a new job that I’m passionate about, and to trusting a relationship that’s really healthy, and to moving to a new city when I really wanted to go but was scared to leave.  One of the exercises I did with Beth was to visualize my “perfect day” in detail, and then unpack why I wanted that day and manifest how to get there. I can now say that I wake up almost *every* day and think: “Wow! This is just like my perfect day!”  It’s an incredible feeling. Beth is the real deal. So if you’re looking to get out of your own way and unlock magic in your life, she is just the person to help.”
Stephanie B

“Beth has the acute ability to see through your excuses and get down to what’s really going on. She also has the grace to encourage yourself to fully embrace and recognize those feelings, and the wisdom to coach you through them to figure out what it is you really want. She possesses such a strong sense of compassion that I’ve never once felt there was something I couldn’t discuss or say I was feeling – because there’s a good chance that she’s felt it, too.  I found the courage to map out what my best life looks like and was handed the keys to the vehicle, including a new job. I’ve learned how not to punish my body and use excuses and stories to hide behind, rather than step fully into the arena of my life. I still have days where I prefer to wear a comfortable story and hide rather than practice being my best self, but working with Beth has helped me actually listen to doubt, ego, and discouragement, and other passengers, without allowing them to take control of the whole car.”


INVESTMENT: $1600 (split into four monthly payments of $400). There is an early enrollment discount of $200 off (taking it down to $350/month). Early enrollment closes Sept 17th, 2019

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