to FLOURISH, to grow or develop vigorously.

Hello, love.

If you’re reading this, likely it is because you are starting to understand really important. 

This whole food and trying to lose weight thing isn’t just about knowledge and accountability for you (because of course, have you been there and done that). There is a missing link that you have yet to uncover.

You may be starting to realize, that there is some STUFF here in your relationship with food, in your relationship with your body and your relationship with yourself that is asking for your precious attention and healing. 

There is a good reason it hasn’t “worked” for you before….there are lessons in this that are waiting for your discovery.

Awareness (not will) is the most important agent for change.

This is about diving way down into starting to understand how our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with LIFE is playing itself out throughout patterns with food and the way we are perceiving our body.

This is, of course, a physical thing. But it is also an emotional thing. It is a mental thing. It is a spiritual thing.

Any solution that addresses these relationships as one-dimensional will give you one-dimensional results.

And that is why my group health coaching mentorship is all about. It combines, nutrition, habit change, mindset, deep emotional healing, and spiritual inquiry.

It is about taking a REALLY in-depth and compassionate look at your patterns with food so you can better understand yourself and start to make new choices consistently.

It is about cultivating habit change step by step.

It is about starting to BUILD a kinder relationship with your body THROUGH nourishment and self-care that can lead to BAD-ASS results.

It is about starting to uncover who you really are underneath all of the should, all of the conditioning we receive about worshipping the gods of ridiculous body ideals, self-judgment, and negative self-talk so you can experience greater levels of COMMITMENT and EMPOWERMENT

It is about starting to live life fully NOW instead of SOMEDAY by breaking through your fears beyond the weight loss.

So, take a look at what you can expect working together over the next six months, and give yourself the gift of trying a different approach.

Together, we can make this year different. 



So, tell me more! What is “Thrive?”


I am holding your hand, walking you through transformation and giving you a variety of avenues for support.

Because this is DEEP work that goes way beyond accountability and habit change (though that is definitely part of the equation).

It is time to step out of the trance that has kept you always searching for answers externally, while leaving you more lost than before.

It is time to go within to transform the external relationship with food. Why?

Our relationship with food is a mirror of our relationship with our lives and ourselves.

So, what does the program include?

Audio lessons

Journaling Exercises

Enrichment materials


Coaching Sessions




What can you expect to accomplish in the six months as a group?


  • Exit diet culture for GOOD and trading it in for a whole new way of doing things. Release excess weight while skyrocketing energy


  • Ritualize healthy behaviors until they become second nature


  • Lessen inflammation and re-balance your body


  • Become your OWN health guru by understanding what works for YOUR bod


  • Start living your life NOW instead of “waiting on the weight ”


  • Creating an intuitive, respectful relationship with food that is easeful, loving and bad-ass


  • Breakthrough deep-set patterns that have kept you swimming in circles up until this point


  • Overcome emotional eating by decoding your emotional cravings to discover what you are REALLY hungry for in your life.


  • Cultivating a relationship with your body built out of your deepest self, love and acceptance, that allows for sustainable results beyond our time together and that will serve your   relationship with food and self.


  • Letting go of the limiting stories, self-judgments and belief systems that have kept you in the same cycles with food and your body


  • Breakthrough your own shade of self-sabotage to allow for radical responsibility and follow through on whole new level


  • Transform your mindset for continued success long after the program is over


  • A relationship with self that is more aware, more loving and more trusted


  • Sky-rocketed awareness on why you do what you do that will inform all areas of your life–not just food


  • A more accepting relationship with your body-no longer contingent on the scale or the size of your jeans.


  • A more empowered relationship with your life circumstances that allows you to take back the reigns of your truest desires.


But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what past clients had to say…

Working with Beth is the best gift I have ever given myself.  I first called Beth because I wanted to lose weight, plain and simple.  And she helped me do that, but also gave me so much more – I have completely changed my relationship with food, with my body, and with myself.  Beth helped me through a focused nutrition plan and ultimately helped me move to a place where I’m eating intuitively and have given up dieting forever . . . and still feel great in my body!  I’ve learned to trust myself in a whole new way. I’m actually writing this about a year after I stopped actively coaching with Beth, and the lessons she’s taught me are still going strong – I feel more confident and comfortable in my skin than I ever have.

But it’s not just about food.  With Beth’s guidance, I learned to turn up the volume on a deeper voice within me.  It’s directly led me to find a new job that I’m passionate about and to trust a relationship that’s really healthy, and to moving to a new city when I really wanted to go but was scared to leave. So if you’re looking to get out of your own way and unlock magic in your life, she is just the person to help.  

Steph B.

Since working with Beth I’ve lost 20 pounds, I have exciting amounts of energy and for the first time in my entire life, none of my resolutions or goals for the year have anything to do with weight or body image or not feeling good enough. Working with Beth has absolutely changed my life. 


Beth is different because she has been THE FIRST and ONLY professional in this field that has approached the emotional side with me. The first and only one to ask the hard questions about discovering “WHY” things aren’t happening the way I wanted them to. The first and only one to give me tools, or a roadmap to find my way back to my heart!!! If there is any question you have about yourself, if you have tried everything, or if you feel lost or helpless in reference to your own life, I can pretty much guarantee that if you work with this woman you will come out the other side the version of yourself that you’ve always thought you could be.


I actually lost weight by eating more and working out less! My chronic overuse injuries subsided and I had more physical and emotional energy. And my ab muscles are so happy! I feel relief, free from the negative self-talk and physical abuse, which I subjected to my body, mind, and heart.


Beth asks you the hard stuff, and she doesn’t bullshit. She listens and helps you dig deep to figure out what is keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself you can be. It’s not just about diet, though that is a huge part of the personal investigation she leads you on. But Beth also will point you toward the areas of your life that you didn’t realize are DIRECTLY related to your well-being and your waistline. And that scale? It’s around and I still get on it. But it doesn’t rule me, and I don’t need it to know that I’m talented, strong, beautiful, and worthwhile. I just needed Beth to turn on the light and help me finally look in the mirror.


The work I did with Beth helped me to uncover the story I had told myself about my body and what I had come to believe as truth. Since working with her, I’ve discovered a new sense of confidence and an appreciation for my body as it is now and even a sense of compassion for the girl who was struggling with her body image for the last twenty years. People around me have told me how light on my feet I look, how energized I seem and what a difference they see in how I’m even carrying myself. For me I see my body changing in ways I never truly believed it could and it’s exciting to see that I’m doing it with self-love not having to attack myself for the stumbles I’ve had in the past.


And that’s just a few! Want to hear more stories? Click here to read more.

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