Beth has the acute ability to see through your excuses and get down to what’s really going on. She also has the grace to encourage yourself to fully embrace and recognize those feelings, and the wisdom to coach you through them to figure out what it is you really want. She possesses such a strong sense of compassion that I’ve never once felt there was something I couldn’t discuss or say I was feeling – because there’s a good chance that she’s felt it, too.  I found the courage to map out what my best life looks like and was handed the keys to the vehicle, including a new job. I’ve learned how not to punish my body and use excuses and stories to hide behind, rather than step fully into the arena of my life. I still have days where I prefer to wear a comfortable story and hide rather than practice being my best self, but working with Beth has helped me actually listen to doubt, ego, and discouragement, and other passengers, without allowing them to take control of the whole car.


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