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Dear Beth, 


Because of you, I learned to trust my heart, ask for help when I need it, and define myself as a coach, producer, entrepreneur and content creator. Just over a month out of coaching with Beth, I’m seeing the fruit of those lessons flourish right before my eyes. 


As you know, upon entering quarantine, I felt called to serve in the only way I immediately knew how–make content to lift people’s spirits. Thank you for teaching me to listen to and respect those instincts. Eight weeks later I’ve created 26 episodes of Curtain Up!, live-streamed a concert for Laura Benanti’s Sunshine Songs, and just yesterday released “Broadway Does Mother’s Day,” a special to benefit Broadway Cares’ COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. 


When I was approached to produce “Broadway Does Mother’s Day,” my first instinct was to say “Nope, no way–I can’t possibly take that on right now.” But because you taught me how to pause and differentiate resistance from setting boundaries in order to preserve my physical and mental stamina, that initial no turned into a “yes…but I’m gonna ask for A LOT of help.” 


Through your lessons I was unafraid to ask all the people I admire and respect to come together. When I felt the saboteur creeping in to say “you can go now, all of these people you brought on are better than you and they don’t need you anymore” I was able to say “I see you, thank you, and I’m going to keep on the path anyway.” We went on to build a 25+ team in a matter of days to create a special that features 17 broadway shows and involves over 400 people, in just under two weeks. The show aired yesterday and can be viewed here. We’ve raised over 150K and counting for Broadway Cares so far.


And none of it would have been possible without you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you




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