StephanieEstepAt the end of Soul Body System I felt that I had just started to crack something open that had pushed deep down and needed to come out into the light.  Having the group aspect helped me immensely to feel support and love. I was still struggling with how to put all my clarity and awareness into action, with relationships that I was finally brave enough to fully explore and with my relationship with food.

After Mastermind, I feel a drive toward my goals and an ease with myself that I haven’t felt in a long time. Finally feeling that I was in the right place to take my nutrition to the next level,  take the leap to start self-producing a project I’ve been talking about for years.  It feels incredible!  So empowering and like I’m stepping into the life I was meant for as each thing falls in line. I don’t spend as much time stuck in self-deprecation. I started meditating during SBS and I feel it has helped me focus when I would otherwise spiral into stress-crazed thoughts.  I feel less stuck, and know that there more possibilities for me. I had breakthroughs in my relationship with my sister. I took huge steps forward in my desired career and creative fulfillment with planning my show!

Knowing how I want to feel is HUGE!  I loved coming up with my core desired feelings  and setting goals and getting to know my buddies in the group. I truly enjoyed it and think about Soul Body System and Mastermind together as necessary parts of a journey.


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