Rebecca, Desire Map Retreat


rebeccaWorking with Beth as a health coach opened my eyes to diving deep within myself to begin to understand why I had the relationship with food that I had. But through working together I began to realize that there is so much more untapped potential of knowing myself and finding my path. I wanted to be in a room with strong women working together to find our best selves and to pave the path to leading a happy beautiful life. I wanted to have something to hold onto and guide me as I make big life changes. I am lucky to have found this work while I am still young and I knew Beth would be the perfect person for me to begin/continue this journey with.

The retreat was filled with an overwhelming abundance of love. I was very lucky to walk into a beautiful sanctuary of such amazing women, of calm surrender. I felt safe to experience what I was experiencing without needing to edit or supervise myself.

I have POWER. I can WANT. I can DREAM BIG. I am allowed to live my best life without apology, not only am I allowed but I am empowered to live my best life according to what my SOUL is desiring!


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