My self-worth has not just grown exponentially  but returned. No one else controls, dictates or sets my feelings about myself. I have learned that I am the one who sets that. I am the one who teaches people how I want/need to be treated. I have been able to identify, accept and move through so much of the residual pain, anger and sadness that I had been carrying around with me for over 30 years. emotionally lighter. I feel more powerful. I feel that I am able to enter into situations that were anxiety-causing in the past.

People tell me I am more decisive. I am taking control of situations and allowing myself to be taken care of. I am standing up for myself and letting people know what I need to succeed, how I need to be treated, and how we can work through any issues together. Beth has a very keen sense of knowing when it’s time to push a little farther and when it’s time to hold off and come back at another time. She has such insightful guidance that reassures you that “you are exactly where you need to be.” She is able to disable and destroy the “comparison thoughts” we all hold in our brains by focusing on you, not the stories we create. She brings the tough love to allow you to open up and find healing in a way that I have never been gifted before. 

Beth is the reason so many doors have opened for me, so many internal blocks have been moved, and so much of my past luggage has been emptied. She has pushed me to go deeper because she intuitively knew that I needed it. She listens to you, learns about you and gives you her full attention and spirit when you work together. To be able to create such a deep connection or trust and love from anywhere in the world, is remarkable.


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