Before I worked with Beth, I felt embarrassed about myself and my body. I felt like there was a disconnect between the person I was and the vessel (my body) that I presented to the world. Each day felt like an endless exercise in making the “right” decision regarding what food I should eat,  and continuously feeling like I let myself down. I felt like I was spiraling out of control and as a intelligent person I should know better than to make these bad choices. The problem was no matter how many books/blogs/articles I read and understood I wasn’t getting to the bottom of my habits, I was simply highlighting my insecurities.


I would say Beth helped me get back to my old self, but I feel after working with her I’ve actually connected to a newer, better version than I’ve ever known. I’ve found some great cornerstone habits that I use daily/weekly to connect to my best self.  I’ve gained a livable structure around food.  Structure was something I was craving, but any time I had attempted to create it in the past, it turned into an exercise in deprivation. No matter how well I did, every effort ended in my own self sabotage, mostly because I was striving to attain a kind of perfection of how I thought skinny people lived. Through working with Beth I’ve really discovered a world of healthy eating habits that are based on science and truth regarding how we metabolize and process food, combined with a healthy approach to how I as a person was using food to express happiness, sadness or frustration.


The work I did with Beth helped me to uncover the story I had told myself about my body and what I had come to believe as truth. Since working with her, I’ve discovered a new sense of confidence and an appreciation for my body as it is now and even a sense of compassion for the girl who was struggling with her body image for the last twenty years. 


Then, I reconnected with Beth to go deep into my life. While I was connecting to my life and my self, I didn’t feel like I was connecting to my HIGHER self. I had a desire to be more in touch with my gut and my instinct but I was letting the speed of life and feeling reactionary to situations get in the way of my tapping into my higher self or deeper knowledge.  

Now, I take much deeper care and prioritize being in touch with myself on a deeper level. I feel like I had the knowledge of what I wanted to change(getting into deeper touch with my higher self) but I didn’t feel like I had an access point to REALLY implement it into my body and life on a deeper level.  I have moved through some difficult familial and health times after this program. During times that I might have otherwise let myself fly off the handle or lose sight of my own very valid needs, I found myself grounding myself and touching base with myself without ego and honestly acknowledging what I need. Acknowledging when my saboteur was at play, or when I was honestly in need of something that I wasn’t already giving myself. 

Beth is one of those rare combinations of being loving, fabulously smart, fun and light when it’s the right time, attuned and focused for whatever you’re working through,  skilled at gently asking deeper questions when you need to dig deeper than the story you’ve been living, and just an all around great woman and friend. You will feel like you’re hanging out with a great friend(and I do feel like she has become a great friend!) but also that she will listen with care and wisdom as you share yourself. There is not judgement, there is only love. Beth is so astute that even when she’s just getting to know you, you will be seen and heard in a way that is so rare these days.


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