MichaelPBefore SBS, I was truly scared of a group environment to open up to, since I knew I’d been living a lie for as long as I could remember. I always showed people I was a strong, proud, confident person but I wasn’t at all. That was the perception I wanted everyone to see. I never wanted to look inside. I rarely ever wanted to open myself up. I was afraid of failing again. I’d tried so many diets or “commitments” prior to SBS but I rarely ever followed through.

“My relationship with food has really evolved during SBS. I now feel equipped to deal with stress eating and recognize when I am self-sabotaging rather than just eating and beating myself up about it. It truly was a liberating experience from getting out the voices in my head and starting to listen to my body. I feel like I have a new perspective that I didn’t ever know was there. I am happier about things, less dramatic, less of feeling like a victim, I truly have a different connection with friends. I haven’t been so open and honest with my friends in the past, but over the course of the few weeks I was being open and honest to a bunch of strangers. I needed to really give the people in my life the ability to see me for who I was becoming. People are truly noticing a difference in me just because I am being open and honest. I’m going through things, that first off, I’ve never addressed in my life and now are recognizing pieces of my past that I made into something about me. Beth and this group lead the way to real change in my life, a better understanding of myself, understanding why I do the things I do, put the foundation down for me to truly bring the to parts of me, my body and soul together again.


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