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Soul Body System

I feel physically energized, I’ve lost about 7 pounds, my skin looks better and I’ve noticed big shifts in my energy. This group program gives you so many tools that you will use long after the program ends, that I am certain of. Beth gave me the permission to have a relationship with myself and my body that I didn’t think was possible. For the first time I feel like I’m in communion with my body, rather than ignoring it, or wishing it were different. This is not just about weight loss, it’s about long term habits that won’t just change the way you eat and exercise, but will change the way you treat yourself. Soul Body System has given me the space to ask for the things I want in my life, something I never thought I could do.

Soul Body Mastermind

Before Mastermind, I was struggling with major self-sabotage and just getting in my own way. In career, relationships, finances: I was always hiding. Not wanting to face the reality of the situation I had created for myself-one full of stress, anxiety, and generally just a lack of joy.

Now, I have begun to take action with a lot of things in my life that began to feel constricting. I’m working on my relationships with my partner, which was starting to feel strained and has now opened up and feels much more free, honest and real. I’ve started to recognize patterns of self-sabotage in my career and I’m addressing them with action steps. I have the choice each day whether to love or hate my experience, because I create my own experience. I have learned that I am not damaged or broken. I am a whole, complete human who deserves to enjoy life and all it has to offer. I have learned there is wisdom in moments of pain and shame, and that by acknowledging the less than desirable parts of myself I’ve wanted to hide from the world, I open up the opportunity for my full power to be used.


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