Kristen, Soul Body Mastermind Graduate


Soul Body System

After Soul Body System, I notice that I feel more grounded and in control. I have the ability to be empowered over what I eat. When I make healthy choices, including avoiding certain foods, I don’t feel deprived or resentful. I have more energy. I also think the lack of deprivation allows me to be less tense in social situations, and has improved relationships with my family. These changes all make me feel like I am back in the driver’s seat.

All around, I am slowing down, taking time to enjoy the experiences I’m having. I am noticing when I am not compassionate with myself, and am able to stop that process sooner when it starts. Beth has allowed me to see that I am no different than anybody else. I have the ability to be in charge. Instead of approaching my body as something that needs to be “tricked” into losing weight, Beth approaches the body as a source of infinite wisdom, and that, ultimately, makes me infinitely wise as well.

Soul Body Mastermind

During the mastermind, I really learned to trust my gut. I believe that I am open to change and when something feels right, I know. If it doesn’t, I can trust that. I have seen a big shift in my relationship with my parents since starting. I am now on top of my finances. I am meeting men and dating more than I have in years. I am taking BIG steps forward in my career, including booking more freelancing work and I did this all while taking care of myself. It reaffirms something I have believed for a long time but have not always acted on that if you take care of yourself first, you are able to be present and give your best self to the world. Being a part of the mastermind has given me so much more compassion for others.

The Mastermind is definitely a deeper dive. There is a high level of accountability with your partner, which I think is one of the things I treasure most about this experience. We really feel like a team, and we are all there, cheering one another one on in whatever little victories we are having on a daily basis. Beth is fabulous, and very REAL with what’s going on. It is truly new territory, whereas I think many people have some ideas about nutrition walking into SBS. It is intimate, and personal, and a fabulous opportunity to grow and walk into the light with a bunch of amazing people.


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