Katie, Actor

10425026_10152643607010984_4225870864478711084_nI feel a lot less guilt and stress around eating. I am learning how to enjoy indulgences instead of berating myself and feeling guilt and shame and feeling like I “can’t control” myself around food. My relationship with my life is in such an interesting place right now. This experience has really opened my eyes to my patterns of self-sabotage and to the “stories” that I have been telling myself that aren’t actually truth. I am in a place where I have enough awareness to start inquiring about what I want and what comes up for me in certain situations. Physically I noticed changes in my body composition. I feel lighter, my clothes are fitting differently and I think the appearance in my skin has improved. Emotionally I feel more secure, empowered and content with myself. I feel less anxiety and notice less negative self-talk


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