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I have worked with Beth for the last 5 years, and the amount of internal change and growth she’s shepherded me through in that time has been profound. Her humor and kindness are disarming, and it’s clear she’s done her homework with the experts and theories we talk about while coaching, and is genuinely fascinated by the learning we do together. I admire her grit as well. The moments when she has gently pointed out my emotional tap dancing and pushed me to be more honest with and accountable to myself, have been hard. But they’re also the moments when I knew I was getting somewhere, and I was grateful to have someone in my corner.

I didn’t like looking at anything about myself—my body, my fears, my childhood. I certainly didn’t like looking at the ways I was personally responsible for holding myself back from my own dreams. But Beth has created the space and given me the tools and support to allow me to do just that and to take off the training wheels and fall and cry and get back up and try again. She has served as a critical truth-telling mirror in moments when I was fooling myself, beating myself up, or letting myself off the hook too easily.

With her guidance, I have navigated massive career changes, including unexpectedly leaving a toxic job to become an entrepreneur. She’s helped me mend several broken hearts and learn to take responsibility for how I show up in my current relationship, which is the healthiest of my lifetime (he’s also one of Beth’s clients, which doesn’t hurt!). And though it took me a while to implement, she has also taught me skills to nourish and care for my body and helped me overcome the mental and spiritual blocks that once convinced me that no amount of self-care would fix me. Beth combines the introspection and emotional processing of talk therapy with the rigor and action-orientation of a life coach, all the while giving me permission to be exactly who I am and where I am at that moment in time.


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