joyBefore SBS, I was struggling with self-worth, understanding the food my body actually wants and blaming my body for everything negative in my life. At first I was apprehensive because I thought I wasn’t great with vulnerability in general, let alone with strangers. I also wasn’t sure I was fix-able — much less unbroken. During SBS, I lost weight and my skin is clearer and brighter. People at work have noticed a less stressed out and kinder me. I’ve opened my heart in my personal relationships, and I’m ready to take steps in my romantic life that I never thought I’d be ready for. I used to look at food as an annoying necessity to live, an enemy that made me fat and ugly, and an all-around nuisance. I viewed my body as a vessel to team up with food and illness against me. I’ve learned with Beth’s guidance that my body hasn’t done anything but keep me alive in this incredible world and food is a way to keep it healthy and happy as well as a means of enjoyment. This knowledge has made me much more tuned into other areas of my life — work, romance, relationships, finances that I didn’t realize were so connected to the food/body relationship. I will tell you, ALLLLL of my friends have commented on how different, light, and confident I seem since SBS. I have such a clarity about being able to find authenticity all around me. I feel like I’ve spent most of my life anxious about everything — weight, fitness, beauty, happiness, work, relationships, politics, family, and everything else. I understand now what is and isn’t my business, and (shocker) understand that my body is my teammate as opposed to my enemy. Years (decades even) in therapy hasn’t achieved that, and I LOVE my therapist and think she’s helped me exponentially, but this is different. I can’t say enough how much I wish I  could share all of the knowledge I got in the 10 weeks with Beth to others. I unlocked some doors to food and my body that were barricaded as a child. I could not have done that without Beth’s approach of quieting the thoughts and digging into the why’s of my behavior and my intentional closing off to such a huge area of my life. As hesitant as I was to join a group of people I didn’t know and sharing things I don’t even share with those closest to me, this was the biggest key. Hearing the others’ stories and watching Beth coach them through challenges that came up in the 10 weeks, was hugely beneficial as I could always find a way to relate to each instance in some way or another. It also made me feel less alone in this realm. I cannot speak highly enough about SBS, Beth, and the friends I’ve made in the group. I’ve spoken to family and friends outside of NYC, and they want the same knowledge Beth has given me. I would love to take Beth’s program to them knowing how the group atmosphere is key to success in the program.


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