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Erin WilliamsThere are so many nutritionists out there who can hand you a list of what to eat, tell you why and call it a day.  Beth is SO much more.  She knows all the ins and outs of what foods you should cash in/out on, gives an awesome grocery store tour (so helpful!) and will help you with an eating plan but that’s not even what makes her special.

The phone sessions with Beth are EVERYTHING.  During the calls you investigate together WHY you’re making the food choices you’re making and how deep rooted this decisions can be.  She works to help you release behavior that isn’t helping you in the kindest way possible at whatever pace you want to set forth.  It is a total judgment-free zone in which you can get real about why you eat what you eat.  She is incredibly nurturing, supportive and crazy knowledgeable – kind of the best of all worlds – who won’t treat you in a cookie cutter fashion, but tailor the program to your needs.  LOVE her.


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