Erin, Desire Map Retreat


erin copyLIFE CHANGING!!!!!!! First of all, this work is the real fucking deal, and Beth Clayton¬†is the real deal. She is a truly special, exceptional coach. She not only has keen coaching skills-essential in this kind of work which at times asked for huge vulnerability and honesty-but she creates the most nurturing, peaceful, safe environment…literally. Beth is a loving, brave, wise leader, and is not afraid to hold the room and guide with a truthful, cut to the chase honesty. It was a life changing, illuminating, emotional, bonding event that created deep connection amongst our group and left us walking away empowered.

Coming in, I was stuck. Really stuck. I am now taking action based on what I know I want to feel rather than reacting based on what I think I should be doing, defined by someone or something else outside of my soul. I went in focused on career and came out having a meaningful conversation with my husband about our relationship. It’s a matrix.


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