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After SBS, I really have found that the more I focus on how I feel in my body, the less likely I am to judge myself based on my self-perceived physical “imperfections.” I have found a new joy in physical movement, in the positive gains in strength and muscle I have gained as part of caring for myself with greater awareness and gentleness – and due to eating more deliberately. I have experienced noticeable moments of release – where I trust my body enough to feel the emotional tension that my body may release. Emotionally I have been calmer, more even, less obsessive, less consumed by “The Voice.” I have taken time out of my day to pause and eat more slowly and with a somewhat greater sense of gratitude. I have also experienced challenging periods of resistance – and reached out for help and worked to get immediately back into action. I cuddle with my fears less … it’s a small shift but one that is meaningful and very real.

I feel a greater sense of openness and possibility in my life. Change is not something I find as fear inducing as before. I feel a greater sense of joy in my physical being, of play and excitement and of possibility. I am beginning to look at food as a means of healing and nourishing myself and as another very important means for me to express happiness for others and myself. Beth doesn’t shy away from challenging group members to go deep, to be rigorously honest, and to open up to the possibility that fulfillment and self-care are completely one and the same.


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