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Physically, I notice my clothes getting looser. My skin is glowing and my nails and hair are healthier. I have great energy. I sleep great at night. Emotionally, I feel like I’ve grown immensely. I would love to shout my love for Beth and the program from the rooftops. It has been one of the best experiences of my adult life. Just so enlightening. She is different because she has been THE FIRST and ONLY professional in this field that has approached the emotional side with me. The first and only one to ask the hard questions about discovering “WHY” things aren’t happening the way I wanted them to. The first and only one to give me tools, or a roadmap to find my way back to my heart!!! The better question is why WOULDN’T someone work with Beth and participate in the group! If there is any question you have about yourself, if you have tried everything, or if you feel lost or helpless in reference to your own life, I can pretty much guarantee that if you work with this woman you will come out the other side the version of yourself that you’ve always thought you could be.


I really wanted a jump start on the new year, to start with a charge, to move forward and get things in motion and to get out of my own way.  I have worked with Beth before and anything she is involved in or advocating, I know I will benefit from, so I took the leap and signed up. At the retreat, there was so much beauty, warmth, openness, vulnerability, electric, community, and safety.  I loved the work.  It really caused me to search myself and dig deep to find what I ultimately wanted to feel in the future.  I love the group environment.My greatest take away from this retreat were my core desired feelings.  I never would have found them or been introduced to these tools without Desire Mapping.  Also, the group of people that took the journey with me. We have a group now, an accountability to each other and ourselves.


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