Briget, Soul Body Mastermind Graduate

BridgetI continued in the Soul Body Mastermind, because of Beth. I knew I had more work to do on soul and body and I was 100% first class on the Beth Clayton train to glory. At the time, I was most struggling with my personal relationships, with trusting myself, and negotiating with my partners and friends. I recognized I have a tendency to either bolt or put up a wall (bolt while standing still). Beth showed me how to be self aware on a deeper level, allowing me to take responsibility for my choices, which has given me the gift of moving through the pain and anger instead of hiding from it.

I started making business decisions instead of business ambling. Instead of talking about getting my higher-level business license, I’ve actually enrolled in the classes. I met with the chairman of my company, someone I had previously been afraid of and sincerely asked how I could improve my business. Being open to constructive criticism and being aware that I control my business had led to financial gain. I am most proud of taking responsibility for my “bad feelings”, my anger and my pain. I take radical responsibility for my feelings. I have the power to change my future…how magical is that?


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