I came to Beth with a lot of discomfort and unresolved feelings around my childhood trauma, subsequent compulsive overeating, and issues with not feeling good enough within my relationships. I have a history of working hard and succeeding in a career that left me unfulfilled and depressed. I had allowed myself to be overworked in my career and in most of my relationships. I didn’t understand that I was working with patterns of behavior that were so ingrained in me that I didn’t even recognize them. By allowing Beth to guide me through the process of discovery, I was able to identify and understand the origins of my pain.

Working with Beth allowed me to connect the dots in ways that I was unable to do prior and was able to achieve what once felt unobtainable—peace of mind. Working with Beth reinforced the importance of working with the right people and I couldn’t have asked for a better, more fulfilling, and professional experience. I can’t say enough positive about Beth, her beautiful spirit, and her ability to be an effective Coach!

Thank you for being my Guide, Beth. I’m a better me for knowing you.


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