Amanda, Physical Therapist

tingSoul Body System

Since participating in the group program, I’ve noticed changes in my energy levels, less sugar/carb cravings, and weight loss. After two solid weeks of friends and patients asking if I had lost weight, I weighed myself (only a quarterly occurrence) and discovered I had lost 20 lbs. in just over two months. Emotionally, I am learning to deal with situations head-on instead of saving them for later and never truly dealing with them at all. Beth’s approach and the approach of the program is to get down to the root of the issues rather than placing a band-aid on top; treat the CAUSE, not the SYMPTOM. Most other programs I’ve followed only focus on the food you are consuming and not how it makes you feel and do not focus on the assumptions and misconceptions you have about yourself, your body, and food. Beth is a thoughtful, caring practitioner whose calming presence allows you to open up and look at your experiences in a different light, without fear of judgment.

Soul Body Mastermind

Entering into the Mastermind, I was struggling with a lot of unknowns. I was not sure how my cancer treatments were going to go and how I would feel mentally and physically. I wanted to learn how to deal with my diagnosis and medical treatment in the most positive way. I wanted to work on my communication with family and friends regarding my treatment and how to support me, maintaining a sense of normalcy in my work and personal life, and finding my identity while my outer appearance was changing. Now, I am more assertive in my communication with my friends and clients. I am better able to express myself and my needs. Most people comment on my ability to keep a positive attitude during this time and how I’ve been able to continue working and keep up with my personal life. The changes feel amazing and I’m hoping to continue working on my communication skills and apply them to my relationship with my family. My relationship with myself is less judgmental and more forgiving. I’m better able to step back and assess if I’m making an empowering decision or one that is out of resistance/ being rebellious. I definitely feel more settled in my cancer diagnosis and less anxious with the current set of treatments. I’m taking so many lessons with me from the Mastermind, one being that sharing shameful moments and deep fears is extremely helpful for me, whether through writing them down or telling a friend.


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