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Soul Body System

My clothes fit me in a comfortable way, I actually bought a summer skirt a size smaller because my other skirts were too big. And, I wore my favorite blue dress to our class end party. I hadn’t been able to comfortably fit into that dress in over a year. I’m also less frantic about life because I feel like I have a super power in my back pocket; the knowledge of what food will energize me. I just feel a lightness in my body and mind because I’ve been letting negative thoughts fall away. This is huge for me. Huge. Through SBS, I’ve been able to see self-sabotage clearly and see that often when things are going well, I will find some way to screw it up. Many times I’ve thought about overdrinking, blowing off responsibilities, or pushing away people who care about me. In the past few weeks I take a breath and examine why I really want to do those things. This makes me feel calm, empowered, abundant, and awake with my feelings.

Soul Body Mastermind

I am so much lighter in my skin and more confident. My life keeps opening up in relationships, career, creativity, and spirituality. The Mastermind seemed like the obvious next step. I actually have more money because I’ve been spending differently since going through SBS and that actually made it very easy to invest the money into the SBQ. And, I’m beginning to see that when I truly invest in myself the rewards are huge. Going into the mastermind, I was struggling with confidence and inner peace.

Now, I’m treating myself better. I’m more confident. I turned 38 feeling pretty kickass about my life. I meditate every day, I am singing classical music for people with Parkinson’s, I signed up for the music improv class I had put off for two years, I have a great relationship with my boyfriend based on mutual respect, I’ve put money in savings, and I have been able to be there for my friends and loved ones in a way that I was struggling with before. I had a few family issues arise during the mastermind that had me very stressed. After looking at them through a new perspective I was able to approach the situation differently, and feel great about decisions that a year ago would’ve given me headaches and stomach problems. I’m just not obsessing as much about my weight. I drink green smoothies, meditate, and go to MFF because I like it, not because I have some crazy expectation of what I need to change about myself.

Of course we all want to have healthy beautiful bodies, but SBQ showed me that what I really want is a healthy beautiful life. The work is deep for sure, and very personal, but the payoff is great. Much like SBS, there is a ton of information that you can choose to implement into your life or let go after the program. Once you see the positive shifts you will just want more, at least that’s how I feel.


I’ve worked with Beth before and she introduced me to the Desire Map (and the awesomeness that is Danielle LaPorte). Beth always seems to bring a group of people together that have a special healing energy. It has been transformational for me this past year. The retreat was fantastic. Energizing. Enlightening. Calming. There was laughter, there were tears. I met a ton of amazing women and I feel like I realigned with my core desired feelings. When my actions align with my core desired feelings, life is so much easier, so much more enjoyable. Even in the last few days I have been feeling more energy as I’ve taken action steps that align with my CDFs and life is feeling pretty f*cking awesome.


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