curWelcome to the pod! Come along on the journey with us. There is plenty to catch up as we are currently on the third season.

Fiercely Human is for those who are interested in lifting the veil on this beautiful, crazy and sometimes confusing experience of being alive, who crave a deeper, higher, and more expansive experience of being human. The podcast is an inquiry into how to show up this life in a way that expands our minds and explodes our hearts and souls.

As a storyteller (former performer here), embodied manifestation coach and speaker with over a decade of experience, I bring my experience,  insights and personal journey to this exploration and also invite beautiful and fierce humans doing incredible things in the world to share their gifts to support the expansion of our collective awareness on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual plane. We weave all of it together.

Enjoy my coaching solo-casts as well as interviews with leaders, experts, and fierce humans who can offer up their knowledge and truth on all things consciousness, activism, mindset, healing, emotional systems, and spirit. We go from the everyday life hacks right out to the cosmos and back.

So buckle up as we explore what it means to be fiercely human. 

Listen Everywhere. ENJoy The ride.


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