When someone comes to me for help, it is usually because they are feeling stuck and overwhelmed, in their relationship with food, with their body, but oftentimes, also in their lives.

They are stuck in a tumultuous relationship with their body and themselves. Stuck in a pattern. Stuck in a rut that is no longer serving them. They are used to the on-again, off again cycles of dieting, of self-punishment and shaming themselves, and they are DYING to leave it all behind and step into a loving and respectful relationship with their bodies. They know there is another way, and they want in.

I tell them what I am telling you now.

“Stepping into a partnership with our bodies is the first move toward empowerment in our lives and stepping into deep alignment with our souls.”

Because what if this wasn’t “the thing” taking up so much time and attention in your life? You would probably be focusing on bigger and more important goals than the size of your jeans. You would be focusing on CREATING in your life.

That is what gets me juiced, what gets me up in the morning, is what is possible for people when they start to focus on what they are REALLY longing for as a human being, beyond those last ten pounds.

I am here to help you get out of your own way, to arm you with nutritional and self-care knowledge, help you to implement lasting change with your health, so that you can step into your most radiant, empowered and vibrant self yet. So you can feel simultaneously at home and on fire in your skin, and bring your focus instead ON YOUR ONE WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE. It has been waiting for your time, attention and courage.

I have been where you are. In fact, when I started studying nutrition at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I was secretly hoping to find the secrets to “get skinny.” What I wasn’t anticipating is that in trying to “get skinny”, I would go on a journey that would set my mind, heart and soul free.

“It was the beginning of a journey back to myself and living my most powerful, vulnerable, whole-hearted life. And now I help others to do the same.”

My obsession with my weight and body began early, extended through my grade school years all the way through graduate school, and well into my career as an actor. I was always attempting to beat my body into submission and it was rebelling big time. My body wanted out. I was constantly sick, feeling deprived and ashamed.

As I tried to become smaller, my life-force, spirit and self-belief diminished. AND I was gaining weight. You gotta love the irony. What I wish I had known then and what I have come to understand with every cell of my being now is this….I had it all backwards.

My body was not my enemy. It was not my currency for validation, love and fulfillment. It was my vehicle. My vessel to DO and EXPERIENCE in this life.

My body was not my bitch. And neither is yours.

Your body is your PARTNER in this beautiful crazy life, until death do you part and is always, always, always trying to do right by you. It was time to change things up. It was time to work together by really listening to my body and it’s extreme intelligence. It was time to care for it as if it was someone I was in a relationship with; with clean nourishment and with a totally new RESPECT.

Now, I want to sing, “This girl is on fire! This girl is on fire!” all the time, which is actually a problem because those are the only lyrics I know.

Now, I’m thinner than I’ve ever been. My weight has found it’s sweet spot and it has stayed there effortlessly. Ever since I stopped trying to shrink and started to expand my happiness, people are always saying, “Girl, you look amazing! Did you lose weight?”

Through working with hundreds at the point in both my private and group programs, I have come to see what REALLY works sustainably, and it has EVERYTHING to do with combining INTERNAL REALIZATION and EXTERNAL action.

People come to me to lose weight, and many times the lose more than they even initially wanted, but they cite that as the LEAST of the benefits. They are much more excited about the life they are creating in their lives, now that food and body isn’t “the thing.”

When the internal and external align, it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

So, maybe it’s time to start asking yourself, “What if this wasn’t the thing?” If you’d like to see how I can support your journey, contact me below.

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