When a womxn comes to me for help, it is because she is wanting more in her life experience. She knows there is something waiting for her. Something big and sacred and important. She craves her own unfolding, to taste her power, to rise to her full potential. 


But when she finds me, she is stuck and overwhelmed in her life, often times this shows up, in her relationship with food, her body image, where she thinks she is supposed to be where she isn’t, feeling disempowered or disconnected in her relationships and purpose, feeling like she doesn’t know how to be authentically her, afraid to mess with the status quo and handing her power away. 


Often, she is in cycles with numbing agents (like food, booze and perfectionism) or stuck in cycles of self-sabotage and frustration with herself. She feels like she is holding herself back, living in the gray, or experiencing cycles of negative feedback.

She assumes there must be something wrong with her that she isn’t accessing her deeper power, judges herself and compares herself to others. Perhaps she feels victimized by other people or by the life she is living. She is aware there may be something deeper she is missing, but she struggles with the access point. 

She is not RISING in the way she deep down knows she could. 

And she comes to me because she is ready to uncover what is really going on, and rarely is it what she thinks it is.

That is what gets me juiced, what gets me up in the morning to serve, is what is possible for people when they start to focus on what they are REALLY longing for as a human being, beyond what they perceive “the problem” to be. 


I am here to help you get out of your own way as you start to understand, embrace, trust and fall in love with yourself. And that internal liberation creates incredible external results. Because the more we can truly see ourselves, the less we operate from fear of insecurities beings exposed and we can operate with more courage and fierce commitment to what matters most to our inner-being. We can honor and own our juicy and gorgeous desires. 


I have been where you are.  In fact, when I started my coaching journey, studying nutrition at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I was HOOKED on external body validation and power that was rooted in my own conditioning and pain. I was secretly hoping to find the secrets to “get skinny” fast after 15 years of cycles of dieting and deprivation and body obsession.  What I wasn’t anticipating is that in trying to “get skinny”, I would go on a journey that would set my mind, heart, and soul free.

Our struggles are ALWAYS the opening. They are always the path back to our hearts.

“It was the beginning of a journey back to myself and living my most powerful, vulnerable, whole-hearted life. And now I help others to do the same.”

I went on a mission to help others uncover the same. And as I did, and spent the next few years coaching, I started to see what the coaching work was really about. It is always about healing and integration, aligning with our higher selves and new results in our lives. 

My relationship with my body, with food and with my career was just a mirror of my relationship with MYSELF, as ALL our struggles are. Our bodies (just like every other area of our lives where you are feeling stuck) are a mirror of relationship to self. 

We all do similar things in every area of our lives that I initially did with my body. We shrink ourselves into the boxes we think we deserve or will keep us loving or will keep us safe and protected. 

But we cannot self-protect and connect at the same time.

We cannot rise while trying to hide.

I started to fall in love with what is REALLY behind the resistance and sabotage in our lives, why we stand in the way of what we proclaim to really want. I began to fall in love with our human machinery and realized we need to work with it instead of against it; including our conditioning, our pain, and trauma, our nervous systems,  our saboteurs, our shadows, our unconscious minds if we want to accelerate serious momentum in our lives. 

We need to join radical levels of acceptance of ourselves with new levels of awareness and radical responsibility for the future we desire.

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change” ~Eckhart Tolle

And in that space, we discover the whispers of our deeper self, our truth and the desires we are not completely owning. And these are all north starts in living a life that goes higher, deeper, and where we are living fully in our fierce humanity. 


Mindset work + deep healing and exploration + self-acceptance + aligned action

If you are ready to start to dive into the ocean you are, understand your human machinery, heal and accelerate momentum in any area of your life, I’m your woman. 

And I’m so grateful for all I have been through because I have learned how to serve in ways I never thought possible. 

It led me back to my heart and continued to lead me back to my truest self, and I can’t wait to share what I have learned to hold your hand in your way back to yourself. 

It’s time to rise, unfold and expand.

When the internal and external align, it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

So, maybe it’s time to start asking yourself, “What if this wasn’t the thing?” If you’d like to see how I can support your journey, contact me below.

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