Soul Body System is a 10-week in-person program (at the incredible Mark Fisher Fitness) for those living in NYC who are DOWN with the group environment. It is a brave and courageous thing to enter into vulnerability with a group, but is incredibly impactful for forward momentum and change, as you will learn SO MUCH from the participants around you. For the right individual, this path can seriously amplify success and improve accountability.

  • Release excess weight while skyrocketing energy
  • Ritualize healthy behaviors until they become second nature
  • Lessen inflammation and re-balance your body
  • Start living your life NOW instead of “waiting on the weight ”
  • Treat your physical cravings naturally and effectively
  • Creating an intuitive, respectful relationship with food that is easeful and loving
  • Break through deep-set patterns that have kept you stuck up until this point
  • Overcome emotional eating by decoding your emotional cravings to discover what you are REALLY hungry for in your life
  • Cultivating a relationship with your body built out of love and acceptance, that allows for sustainable results beyond our time together
  • Letting go of the limiting stories, self-judgments and belief systems that have kept you in the same cycles with food and your body
  • Break through your own brand of self-sabotage to allow for radical responsibility and follow through on whole new level
  • Transform your mindset for continued success long after the program is over

Intrigued? You can apply for Soul Body System and see if it is a good fit by by clicking here.

Soul Body System has been cited many times as the missing link between diet and exercise for sustainable body results. Check out what people are saying by clicking here.

Soul Body System is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. At the end of the program I walked away with an amazing community of friends, a tremendous amount of self love, and the understanding that nutrition and health are a life long process that I can enjoy and get better at every day.


This program is for those who live in NYC, DIG the group environment, and who have already either worked with me privately and/or have participated in Soul Body System. It is reserved for vulnerability rock-stars who recognize a serious hunger for creation and growth in their lives, and the very special group dynamic and community is cited over and over again as being a huge part of the growth process.

In this program, we take it to a whole other level!  We create soul-aligned goals based on how you are most wanting to FEEL in your life, and devise a plan of action in order to start creating in your , while breaking through resistance and stories, and belief systems that stand in the way of forward momentum. We uncover deeper truths that have been holding you back from truly embracing your light, and in doing so, powerful communication with others also breaks wide open. You will start to live your life from a more soul-centered, accepting, relaxed and grounded perspective that actually allows for life change at much faster speeds than you may be accustomed to.

Participants report a whole new relationship with themselves, improvements in finance, job changes, businesses being born, a new level of communication with the people they love, standing in vulnerability and power in their lives, new romantic relationships, dealing with change and difficulty more easily, and a deeper level of spirituality and compassion for others. Participants leave often asking, “I love this work. Create another program!!!”

And I am doing so…..(Coming Soon)


“Going into the mastermind, I was struggling with confidence and inner peace. Now, I’m treating myself better. I’m more confident. I’m feeling pretty kick-ass about my life.  Of course we all want to have healthy beautiful bodies, but Mastermind showed me that what I really want is a healthy beautiful life. The work is deep for sure, and very personal, but the payoff is great. Once you see the positive shifts you will just want more.”


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